About The Karachi Conference Foundation

About the Karachi Conference Foundation

The Karachi Conference Foundation has been established by a group of professionals, scholars and activists from Karachi. In 2011, they came together to constitute the Executive Committee of the Karachi Conference Foundation, which held the first Karachi Conference at the Arts Council Pakistan, Karachi, in November 2013.

The Foundation aims to provide a platform for generating discourse, presenting research, and holding public events on Karachi-related issues by partnering with relevant scholars, activists and institutions. The Foundation's main event will be an annual and growing international conference focusing on the city of Karachi as a subject of study through the lens of diverse disciplines.

The Karachi Conference 2014

While several scholars, activists, community organizers, artists, formal and informal lobbies, have dedicated themselves to various aspects of Karachi's historical, socio-political, economic and cultural development, their work is yet to be shared collectively on a common public forum. The Karachi Conference aims to provide such a forum to converge, document and present emerging research on Karachi.

The Karachi Conference, 2014, thus, will continue to develop the critical discourses initiated by its first edition and bring together multi-disciplinary research and development projects from within and outside Pakistan for a well-documented and publicized exchange of ideas at a single, non-aligned forum.

We are greatful for the support of our partners on this venture: I am Karachi, Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi, American Institute of Pakistan Studies, International Data Group and MACWORLD, Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture and Avari Group of Hotels. Without the support of our partners, this event would not have been possible.

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